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Beyond academics and research, 大象传媒 School of Medicine (MSM) provides exceptional primary and specialty care through , our medical practice. 大象传媒 Healthcare not only provides MSM鈥檚 medical students and residents with outstanding, multidisciplinary clinical experience, but also allows MSM鈥檚 clinical faculty to engage in clinical research and continue practicing their trained disciplines.

Comprised of more than 100 practicing physicians鈥攚ho are all MSM faculty members鈥敶笙蟠 Healthcare is an integral part of MSM's mission to provide excellence in medical training and high-quality, comprehensive care to the community. In addition to traditional healthcare services, our clinical practice includes interdisciplinary programs that advance total wellness and offer developmental, family-centered, and social services.

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A Full Range of Care

provides top quality medical expertise across many areas, from primary care to highly specialized treatments. No matter what condition you are facing, you can count on for the personal, respectful care you deserve.


- Adult Medicine
- Family Medicine
- Pediatrics


- Adolescent Medicine
- Cardiology
- Endocrinology
- Gastroenterology
- Geriatrics
- Hematology
- Infectious Disease

- Nephrology
- Neurology
- Obstetrics / Gynecology
- Oncology
- Pulmonology
- Surgery